All these products are produced by Munchys biscuits factory in Malaysia. In Malaysia Munchys is No. 1 wafer producer and No.2 biscuits producer both in term of Volumes and Values.These products are very famous and known to 63 countries around the world.we have wide range of products. Excellent taste and Healthy and 100% positive feedback from our local customers. Excellent and attractive packaging . Very ideal for pack lunch and entertainment and trips . Long life time (minimum 1 year).One of the top rank biscuits and wafers in Australia and Canada . All products are 100% Halal .ARSUK FOODS LTD is a permanent and only distributor in UK.

Oat Krunch


Now, it�s OK to Krunch anytime and to give your jaws that much-needed workout with Munchy�s Oat Krunch! Oat Krunch is available in :- Pack Size : 180grams, 500grams Flavours : Dark Chocolate, Strawberry & Blackcurrant, Chunky Organic Hazelnut conseter test.



When the tough get going, get tougher with Munchy�s Lexus. Lexus is available in :- Pack Size : 31.5grams, 105grams, 168grams, 210grams, 250grams Flavours : Peanut Butter, Cheese, Chocolate, Duo (Chocolate & Peanut), Vegetable Calcium, conseter.